last day in chicago

i spent the day wandering chicago on my own… took a 2 mile walk up the lakefront and enjoyed the fall weather…

it’s funny that i never pictured beaches in chicago. or that lakes could have “beaches” ha ha! i’m so use to having the atlantic or the pacific nearby!


such a peaceful, relaxing morning – taking it all in… before i head back to the hustle and bustle that is south florida tomorrow.

hopped on the bus to this coffee shop i found on yelp… vegan cookies – score! almond milk lattes – double score! getting some editing done this afternoon!

i really wanted to try the green zebra but last night they didn’t have any reservations and they are closed mondays. sad face. a few other places i had bookmarked were also closed on mondays. so it was between handlebar and chicago diner. i chose chicago diner because they had more choices since basically everything on the menu is vegan (with exception to the eggs).

ordered the crispy spicy chicken sandwich with balsamic brussel sprouts and a side of cheese fries. so.much.yes. what a way to end my vegancation. so good!

chicago didn’t disappoint. so happy i got some quality friend time, got to take in some fall weather, and make my tastebuds happy. a wonderful vegancation.

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