off to potato island…

so i’ve been following high carb hannah for a while after a friend’s suggestion. i try to eat a balanced vegan diet but my sugar consumption has been out of control lately and i know i am eating too much oil. so the high carb vegan community is doing a “potato cleanse”. ha ha. i know… it’s silly. but i’ve read a lot of information on it (read: dr mcdougall – the starch solution) and i’m going to try it for thirty days. it’s so easy.

you eat potatoes. and veggies.

there’s no catch. i’m just eliminating all grains, fruits, flours, beans & legumes, nuts, seeds and all oils. this is not forever. just until i jumpstart my weight loss and get my fluffy ass to the gym. i’m sticking to my vitamin regimen in the morning… vitamin c, vegan multi vitamin, b12, folic acid & biotin. when i’m feeling run down i take a zinc lozenge. (and i do have the sniffles today). i  will continue with my coconut oil routine in the morning. oil pulling. google it.

went to trader joes for the produce. 2 full bags for $50. perfect.


groceries purchased: 

little white potatoes
gold potatoes
sweet potatoes
red potatoes
mixed greens
brussel sprouts
2 bags of organic carrots
2 bags chopped cauliflower
1 bag chopped broccoli
3 red bell peppers
3 green bell peppers
colorful heirloom tomatoes
seedless persian cucumbers
chopped baby bella mushrooms

when i got home from the store i realized that the bouillon i use has canola oil. ugh. fail. so i had to start this entire process with making my own vegetable stock. hey it’s easier than changing out of my pjs and going back to the store….

so i did some meal prepping in the kitchen:

veggie stock:
leftover red onion, white onion, basil, shredded carrots, bag of kale that was starting to turn, thyme, oregano, rosemeary, salt, pepper, bell peppers, brussel sprout waste, ends of cucumber i was chopping, mushrooms, etc. i’m totally going to start keeping all of the veggie waste from whatever i’m cooking with to make stock every week. so much healthier than the store bought stuff!
bring to a boil, lower to a simmer for 45 minutes to an hour
strain, let cool down and store in fridge in glass jars.

first time making my veggie stock from scratch!


potato hash:
roast: brussel sprouts, red potato chunks, sweet potato chunks, red&green bell peppers, onion with salt, pepper and thyme.

before the oven
first time roasting veggies sans olive oil!


after the oven. 50 minutes @ 400 degrees

cheesy sauce:
boiled 2 potatoes, 3 carrots, 1/2 onion & some cauliflower
put boiled veggies and some of the water in vitamix
with 1/2 red bell pepper, nutritional yeast, turmeric, salt & pepper, onion & garlic powder

cheesy sauce in process
i’m going to have to keep working on this recipe….

potato salad:
red potatoes – boil for 15 minutes
ice bath then pat dry
mix with dijon mustard, lemon, finely diced onion & cilantro (i forgot to buy dill)


i prepped three mixed baby green salads topped with heirloom tomatoes and the persian cucumbers – i plan on putting a scoop of the potato salad on top! no dressing needed since the potato salad has a dressing!


okay meal prep for next few days is complete – time to cook for TODAY!

day one:

weight: 157 pounds (heaviest in my whole life- MEH)

breakfast: none – had to go food shopping
french press of coffee sweetened with cinnamon & maple syrup – NO MORE SUGAR or CREAMER (dairy free of course) for me! i’m obsessed with this combination!

lunch: snacked on some potato salad before it went in the fridge! it’s SUPER good!

mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy

i kept thinning the gravy out with veggie stock but it was still clumpy & weird

it was strange making mashed potatoes with no plant based milk, earth balance or EVOO! i boiled a few small potatoes in water until tender – drained and mashed ’em. i sauteéd some chopped onion & shallots & baby bellas in veggie stock. when the veggies were cooked well i blended them with an immersion blender. added salt and tons of pepper. and stirred in nutritional yeast instead of flour which i can’t have on the cleanse. the texture is super weird but i mixed it into the mashed taters and it does the trick. it’s definitely not as good as regular gravy and the lovely mashed potatoes i normally make with olive oil! oh well.

dinner: roasted mini golden potatoes + roasted broccoli topped with cheesy sauce! YUM!

dinner going into the oven



dessert: baked sweet potato with cinnamon and maple syrup drizzle
h20- 72 oz throughout the day (seven 12 oz mason jars of water)

day one is complete. and i’m still hungry. guess i should have had breakfast and a bigger lunch. argh. if i’m still hungry at the end of every day i have a feeling this challenge will be difficult. i’ll want sweets.


One thought on “off to potato island…

  1. Great recipies! Eden is eating pretty much everthing now…and he is fully launched on his Vegan diet. He loves potatoes of any variety…and loves Real “adult” food. So I cant wait to cook these for him…especially the potato salad! Very nice post!

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