day 2 potato island

so last night i got super hungry around 8pm.  ended up back in the kitchen and baked up some fries. warmed up some of the cheesy sauce i prepped. it did the trick and i have leftovers for today!


i’m going to try my best NOT to use ketchup during this cleanse. i know a little sugar is allowed, but i’m trying to quit my sugar habit and i don’t think ketchup will help me with that. maybe i’ll try making some fresh homemade ketchup at some point but for now i’ll use the cheesy sauce as my condiment!

~ ~ ~  d a y   t w o  ~ ~ ~

morning weight: 156 (-1 pound)

hashbrowns with fresh heirloom tomato salsa
french press coffee with maple syrup & cinnamon

i’ve been scared of trying to make hashbrowns on my waffle iron without any oil but my friend cynthia insisted it would work out if i cooked the potato long enough. she was right!

after shredding 3 potatoes on the cheese grater (be very careful these things are dangerous!) i blotted & squeezed them with paper towels to absorb all of the excess water. i let the waffle iron pre-heat. i put it on medium heat and placed 1/2 the potato on it – pressing down firmly. i let the hashbrowns cook for 10 minutes. i forgot to season them before hand – next time i’ll add salt, pepper & paprika before putting the potatoes on the waffle iron.

the trick is definitely waiting until the potatoes are cooked to open the iron!

since i’m not using ketchup i decided to make some salsa. i threw some colorful heirloom tomatoes, 1 jalapeño seeded, 1/2 green bell pepper, 3 cloves garlic, freshly squeezed lime, cilantro and salt into the vitamix and pulsed it until it was salsa-like. i realize now that i completely forgot onion and it was still so delicious!!! I added the onion to the leftovers though!

breakfast was SO yummy and i’m feeling sort of full. i’m always hungry so cleanses are always hard. i want to eat everything. argh!

potato salad on mixed greens, tomatoes & cucumber . (Prepped the potato salad and mixed green salad yesterday!)

early dinner:

leftover fries, cheesy sauce & salsa

late dinner:
leftover broccoli & tiny potatoes with cheesy sauce! so far this has been my absolute favorite meal! so yummy. i’m a sucker for roasted broccoli!

stopped at whole foods for some more potatoes after my shoot tonight… excited to try more flavors!

1/2 baked purple potato with maple syrup drizzle – so yummy and filling!!!

day two wasn’t bad… i feel kind of weird… like i’m starving and full at the same time. can’t really explain it. basically i don’t know if i’m hungry or not. it’s kind of frustrating and i feel like i’m eating too much. we shall see. i’m going to stick with it at least 2 weeks but i’d love to go for a month!


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