day 3 potato cleanse

coffee sweetened with maple syrup & cinnamon
sweet potato & yukon hash browns

i was working in miami today so i had to bring lunch with me… i brought some roasted sweet potato rounds and a leftover salad / potato salad i had prepped in the fridge.

yummy – didn’t mind it at room temperature!


i ended up staying in miami way longer than expected so i had to grab an early dinner because i was starved. a friend suggested wendy’s garden side salad and a baked potato. i figured i needed two of each. it hit the spot! great option when you’re in a pinch on the starch solution…or just in the middle of nowhere with no options! baked potato and salad for the win!

i did cheat a tiny tiny bit. i used 1/2 a teaspoon of vinaigrette on the salad. normally i don’t need dressing but hellloooooooo. fast food lettuce. ick.

wendy’s for the win!

dinner part 2

ate the other half of my purple potato!
roasted veggies + 2 kinds of potatoes

i’m hoping i don’t get hungry again. i feel like i’m eating entirely too much for a cleanse. i’m always freaking hungry!



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