…but a vegan diet is so extreme!

a friend said this to me last night. i don’t like to argue or persuade people into my way of thinking because everyone is entitled to their opinion…even when it’s far from the truth.

vegans eat: plants. veggies. fruits. legumes. grains.
how exactly is that extreme? 
i’ve survived thrived on a vegan diet for the last ten years.

dear omnivores, you my friends have a way more extreme diet.

eggs are chicken period.
you eat that? so gross.
think about that the next time you go to brunch.
THAT is extreme.

that glass of milk you’re drinking… it came from a dairy cow that was RAPED and kept pregnant to continue its milk supply.
any mommys out there care to breastfeed your entire adult life?
have your babies taken from you to end up on someones plate as veal?
THAT is extreme.

but my milk is organic? oh really?
go drink it from the source. i dare you.
go suck on a cow udder.
THAT is extreme.

pork = pigs.
have you met a pig?
they are intelligent & sweet and no different than your dog or cat.
do you eat your dog or cat?
why should eating a pig be any different?


i could go on and on about every type of animal you consume… but i won’t.

vegans are COMPASSIONATE. they care about the planet. they care about the welfare of animals. they are selfless.

if you are interested in learning more:
resource 1
resource 2
resource 3

</ rant >


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