plant based diet

i’ve tried many times. i’ve failed. it’s been three years since i was happy with my body and the number on the scale. so i’m taking on a six month challenge.

no processed anything.
no sweets. no sugar.
no bread. no wheat. no gluten.

after my los angeles vegancation i really need a diet overhaul. so i’m doing this. i want to clear my skin and lose 30 pounds. i know eating plant based and exercise will get me there. eating this way is the easy part. getting to the gym is a whole other story.

here are a few things i’ve been munching on the past few days.

almond carrot paté {raw / gf}

black beans in the crockpot – from bag of dried beans to this fancy soup


back on my green smoothie kick.                                                                                                 {blueberries, pear, ginger, cinnamon, 1/2 banana, almond milk, spinach}


healthier version of a chickpea salad


baked tofu. roasted cauliflower. steamed bok choy with miso ginger sauce.

green smoothie action


agave mustard tempeh, roasted beets, roasted broccoli, steamed bok choy with cheese sauce (cheese sauce is made from potato, carrot, onion, garlic & nooch)

salad with chickpea salad on top


potato carrot pea patties with cashew dill dressing

kale salad plate

so i’m not starved. eating plant based is super fulfilling as you can see. way better than eating a bag of processed gardein products.  i’ve been snacking on dried mango and the nut paté. i’ve been using agave in my coffee with a dash of cinnamon. i’m determined to commit to this for six months (well i might cheat in a few weeks for my birthday). i have to change my ways.

started out at 160lb. let’s see where i’m at by december.


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