thanksvegan 2016

this year i didn’t cook for a crowd. just myself. since i’ve been doing a ton of meal prep lately (one day of cooking for 5-6 days) i decided to just keep all of the leftovers for my meals for the next few days! win win! thanksliving all week!

on tuesday i baked an appleberry pie with olive oil crust. recipe by isa chandra moskowitz. she just came out with a holiday cookbook but i stuck to my favorite pie recipe!


i also baked a pumpkin cheesecake because one pie is never enough. this is a recipe i’ve been making every holiday for many years!


strangely i’ve been battling vertigo for the past few years and recently a friend who also use to suffer suggested i give up corn. like in everything. no corn starch, popcorn, taco shells, cornbread, etc etc etc. this sadly includes my boston market squash casserole i’ve been making since forever. it’s pretty much my favorite side dish of all times and i can no longer eat it. (because giving up corn has made my vertigo disappear) so i opted to change the recipe up and instead of using cornbread i made biscuits instead. it was a GREAT idea.

here’s the original recipe i perfected. stephie’s squash casserole

to make stephie’s squash casserole 2.0 simply change out the cornbread for your favorite biscuit recipe. i use this one. of course was not the same but still really really good!


i guess i’m use to cooking for a crowd. my first year completely solo.


found this fun appetizer recipe on pinterest. a play on deviled eggs. deviled tomatoes! my mom tried them and enjoyed. i’ll try again with potatoes instead of tomatoes!



my squash casserole looks pretty much the same! i loved it. i always go to isa chandra for mashed potatoes , savory gravy, and chickpea cutlets. this year i also tried her stuffed thanksgiving burger but turned it into a meatloaf when the burger patties failed to cook properly (most likely my fault as i don’t measure anything). it’s a great recipe! my plate is coming along! 😉


last year i tried this amazing pinterest recipe and fell in love. stuffing poppers are my new favorite addition to my thanksliving meal! this is the beautiful cranberry sauce!


roasted carrots are delish! just added some olive oil, salt and pepper! roasted for 45 minutes at 350. yum!


another pinterest find. the brussel sprout salad is my new favorite dish! so delicious. my mom liked it too! stole the show! instead of gorgonzola i used a soft cheese by kite hill that i found in the dairy free cheese section at whole foods. it was soooooo soft and yummy.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

and this is my final plate. two days of cooking and baking – well worth it. my dinner was one for the record books! hopefully next year i’ll have someone special to cook for! ❤

happy holidays!

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