phenomenal food day!

for breakfast i tried a recipe from the vegan cooking for carnivores cookbook. it’s a quinoa berry breakfast dish and it was amazing. so tasty. a bit on the sweet side so next time i’d put less agave! but super delish!

quinoa berry breakfast

my mom really enjoyed this breakfast dish as well and i have leftovers for tomorrow!

my friend josh took me to lunch at pita plus in hollywood. (favorite falafel place EVER). i had my regular falafel pita with everything and extra eggplant. YUM.

mmmmmm. pita plus!

after lunch i wanted to get out of the house so josh and i wandered over to aventura and stopped in juice & java to try out some bunnie cakes vegan cupcakes. i was a bit disappointed that they were SO small. (the mini size) but i ate four to make it like i was eating one normal size cupcake. i tried a few different flavors but couldn’t really taste the difference. all i tasted was sugar. (most likely due to not having sugar lately). still super yum and i’m definitely a fan! can’t wait for my (be-lated) vegan birthday cake next week!

mini cupcakes from juice & java (aventura, fl)

visit bunnie cakes website for custom order cake orders! support local & vegan!!!

baby cupcakes! nom nom nom.

tonight my friend dana invited me over to her house to cook dinner with her. dana is farrrrrrr from vegan but TOTALLY vegan friendly. foodies will eat just about anything! and this particular foodie loves veggies! lucky me! so i brought over some tempeh, some vegan mayo and dessert. on my way over i was thinking we could either make tempeh ruebens or some type of bbq tempeh with veggies on the side. dana also suggested stir fry. we went with tempeh ruebens in the end. we stopped at publix for some relish, rye bread & also ended up with some brussel sprouts & shallots.

our dinner consisted of temeph ruebens, shaved brussel sprouts & roasted sweet potatoes. YUM. i brought chocolate pudding that i whipped up in the vita mix before heading over for dessert.

tempeh rueben & shaved brussel sprouts & roasted sweet potatoes

the sweet potatoes were sliced and rubbed with olive oil. topped with maple sugar & cayenne pepper. put in the toaster oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. came out perfect.

the brussel sprouts were shredded on a mandolin along with the shallots (salt & pepper) and sauteed in olive oil until lightly browned.

i steamed the tempeh for 15 minutes. toasted the rye bread. sauteed the tempeh for a few minutes to brown. mashed some avocado on the toast, added sauerkraut & homemade 1,000 island dressing  (vegan mayo, relish & ketchup) and there ya go! tempeh rueben! it doesn’t TASTE like the normal reuben because temeph doesn’t taste like meat. but flavor wise you get the feeling of a rueben with a different type of protein. dana liked everything! i definitely pigged out!

raw chocolate pudding

in a vitamix i combined 3 large, ripe bananas and 2 ripe avocados with 4 tbs of raw cacao powder & a tbs of agave. blend until you reach desired consistency. i added a few vegan chocolate chips & fresh blueberries – YUM.

i definitely ate entirely too much food today. i’ll run an extra lap tomorrow at the park. oh…. i’m now training for a 5k. i’m NOT a runner. i don’t love running. i don’t think i could run a 1/2 marathon, but i want to try. so i’m starting with a 5k in the fall, hopefully a 10k in the winter and next year a 1/2 marathon. well that’s my goal anyway. october 21st i’ll be running the color run in miami! yay!


One thought on “phenomenal food day!

  1. All of that food looks really good! My wife and I went to Juice & Java in Boca. If you’re ever up in north Broward, try the Falafel Bistro in Coral Springs. They have really good falafel and fries.

    Hey, we’re running the Color Run in Miami as well!

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