soy free september!

september 01 – day one of my soy free adventure!

i get so jealous when i see all of my facebook friends sipping on their pumpkin lattes at starbucks… so i made myself a delicious pumpkin smoothie for breakfast! i used 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin, 1 tbs maple syrup, 1 cup spinach leaves, 2 frozen bananas, cinnamon & 1-1/2 cup almond milk. delish! normally i would throw in some dates to sweeten, but i am all out. time to go food shopping!

pumpkin smoothie
pumpkin smoothie

lucky for me i got out of working – i NEVER get sundays off! i met a friend for lunch at green bar & kitchen. ((most of the photography on their site was taken by yours truly!!)) i ordered the gbk burger with avocado — soy free! yummmmmmmmmmm!

GBK burger with avocado

the bakery case was filled with delicious looking cupcakes so i ordered the waffle cupcake. cinnamon-y goodness. and yes, soy free! it is so great i can still eat at my favorite vegan joints and not ruin my soy free september journey… 🙂

waffle cupcake!
waffle cupcake!

i ended up in miami for the sunday night ride. we ride bikes from the design district to a park on the bay and then back through south beach. super fun group of people (miami critical mass / HER ride / bike scene miami) i forgot to start my bike mile counter on my phone so i don’t have an accurate count of how far we rode… but we had a lot of fun! unfortunately i forgot to pack snacks and my blood sugar was running REALLY low and i started feeling pretty sick. at 11pm-ish we were finally able to grab some dinner! we stopped at a restaurant in the wynwood area called lost and found. i ordered a lemonade to get my sugar back up and the signature salad sans mushrooms & tofu! what a fun restaurant. it was obviously not strictly vegan but vegan options are good enough for meeeeeee! 🙂 i grabbed a new times newspaper and found an article on how miami is becoming more vegan… guess i need to start venturing south more often! it’s still no where NEAR the caliber of san francisco bay area or new york city, but i’m happy south florida is making attempts to be more veggie friendly!

signature salad (86 mushrooms & tofu)
signature salad (86 mushrooms & tofu)

day one of being soy free was a success. wasn’t expecting to eat out as much as i did, but hey… i was able to… and that makes me REALLY happy! 🙂

the reason i chose september for this soy free adventure was to sign up for vegan mofo – vegan month of food. so i’ll be blogging about my soy free adventures every day!

vegan mofo

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