day six 

another amazing day! 🙂 slept in this morning (didn’t sleep well – my sleep issues could fill an entire other blog) and had an appointment at 11am i had to get to.  once i got home i made my green smoothie! i don’t love the recipes provided in the cleanse so i’m altering with ingredients that are cleanse friendly. here’s today’s green smoothie recipe:

because of my late start my first snack was at 1pm. i made a batch of kale chips! so yum. they aren’t exactly on the cleanse but all the ingredients are. i used a little bit of olive oil, tahini & rawmesan (nooch + ground walnuts) and oh my goodness. no salt or seasonings. it was PERFECT. i ate three batches of this stuff today. SO FREAKING GOOD! i could seriously eat kale chips all day long.  for my very very late lunch (um 3:30-ish) i made the vegan hash cakes which were pretty easy to make since i had all of the ingredients prepped (cooked sweet potato and quinoa). these cakes are delish. tons of protein (chickpeas and kale)! instead of eating them plain i topped them onto a bed of romaine with carrots, tomatoes and avocados! i whipped up a quick balsamic dressing and inhaled the deliciousness. SO MUCH YUM!
  i took two sips of my favorite coconut water. i’ve been having problems focusing without my daily coffee intake. this coconut water will last me a few days… hey coconut water is on the cleanse so…. 😉

  another late-ish dinner: leftover stir fry. tonight i put it over a bed of quinoa. yummmmm. tahini drizzle. sunflower seeds. I LOVE THIS CLEANSE! just keep eating! 😉 if anyone is interested in jump starting their diet to create healthier habits feel free to check out simple green smoothies and their fresh start 21 plan! 🙂


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